Thursday, January 2, 2014

Interview with Paul Scott

Paul & Jen in Santa Monica with his Nissan Leaf .
My interview with Paul Scott, founding member of Plug In America, had me laughing and shaking my head as we discussed the future state of electric vehicles and renewable energy. Paul had made his voice heard in the clip, "Who Killed The Electric Car" with Martin Sheen and Ed Begley, Jr. as well made an impact with President Obama, Nissan, and Electric Vehicle Association of Southern California. He is such a well connected, interesting man that is an advocate for change in our generation.

Why care? That is the ultimate question. Why does it all matter if we sit in 4-hour traffic jams, pay $4.55 for a gallon of gas, or drill for natural gas? Simple answers are money and time.

We are living off finite resources, but more importantly paying for really cheap electricity (pennies per Kwh; not dollars). Our outages in the U.S. are measured in days, while Singapore measures in seconds. We are guilty of playing politics, just the same as other nations, as we soak up our independence for getting in our vehicles at any point in time.

Thus, why not have better infrastructure is the right question to ask ourselves? We can have electric vehicles for feasible, acceptable rates with significant tax rebates (at the federal and state level), which is seen in WA, OR and CA. Transits, buses, local municipalities, and state highways are all in need of support. Moreover, the critical component to our messy, political debate is that construction, like education, including the development of electric vehicle technology, solar, geothermal, cannot be outsourced. Our generational planning for 2014 will augment our movement of "Made in the U.S.A." and train our skilled labor force (young and old) to be prepared for not just another trend, but an economic demand that cannot be overlooked. Tesla, Solar City, Nissan, Uber (which Google significantly recently funded), Brammo are some examples of the new level of entrepreneurship and leadership that will get us off gasoline, and better guided to diversified generation (even if that means nuclear, natural gas, wind, solar and more). Gone are the days of the old as a new generation will kick into motion a lifetime of stability and conversation that educates, excites, and explores.