Saturday, July 13, 2013

I Heart Tesla

I landed in Portland, OR, for work related market research and discovered the Washington Square Mall in Tigard, OR, had a Tesla retail store. They are certainly popular and not new, but new to me since they haven't arrived in Ohio (closest is Chicago). I can honestly say I felt like a kid in a candy store.

Two beautiful cars (Model S, 60 to 85 kwh battery option, ~$68,000 to $72,000 after the $7,500 federal tax credit, with a 265 to 300 mile full range all electric). Now I've seen them before, studied their technology, followed their company every single day, but having the opportunity to touch the wheel and play with the buttons was so fun! 

I can honestly have a healthy debate when it comes to EV technology, dependence on foreign oil, power plants needing "clean coal"; however, I did learn three surprising facts:

1) Reservation fees have now decreased by 50%. Before your fee to reserve the car for production was $5,000 and expect a waiting period of 12-months. Now, it is only $2,500 and you only have to wait 5-8 weeks for your model to arrive to your home/work. (Note: Nissan has a $99 reservation fee for the LEAF). Tesla is still expensive for the average consumer; but that is not their target audience...yet.

2) The next generation of models will be both a sedan and a crossover. I knew about this potential buzz, but the difficulty has been on the technology side of offering a smaller battery while still providing a 200-mile charge. This is why the previous models are not for everyone. The early adopters have the cash to purchase high end tech toys. As the technology glitches are fixed, then those learnings are applied to more everyday products (such as heating elements, battery life, battery swaps, self-driving elements and more).

3) Hyerloop is the super bullet train on the horizon. Our thirst for more speed, innovation, and efficiency will not end. We see this year after year with the X Prize Foundation, SpaceX, and Boeing. Each continue to strive for advancements. More specifically, the Hyerloop concept (Elon Musk wants to adopt) is derived from using the banking tube technology. The proposal is to build a train that allows us to travel from LA to NY in one hour using the tube technology of how documents are sent by banks and hospitals. 

We have an exciting future ahead of us. One that just keeps on expanding...


Aidan Villani-Holland said...

This is great, it's nice to remember that there are good things happening out there to help the environment. It's so exciting!

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jowdjbrown said...

They are certainly popular and not new, but new to me since they haven't arrived in Ohio (closest is Chicago). I can honestly say I felt like a kid in a candy store.Build Your Very Own Electric Car