Friday, January 25, 2013

Dream School

Solar panels and school yard chickens is at the heart of a net positive learning campus. This isn't necessarily a new trend, but a modern day concept we will start to see unfold in 2013 and beyond. For example, in Seattle the Bulitt Center will open on Earth Day, and will claim to be the greenest office on our planet by meeting the requirements of the Living Building Challenge. A net-zero energy public school will open up in New York City in 2014. Lastly, in the southwest side of Chicago, the Academy for Global Citizenship (AGC) is building a net positive campus.

One by one these learning centers and buildings are transforming our lifestyles, working environments, and commuting routes. It is not uncommon to see edible gardens, zero waste cafeterias, composting, sorting hubs and more. We have become such waste producers and that is gratifying to see change agents in our community working to foster true urban agriculture and collaboration. For once, we start to see kids actually wanting to go to school (and not staying home to avoid the bullies) and adults actually looking forward to their work day.

Just watch this student explain the life cycle of a peach. This is great, green learning at the ultimate Dream School.

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