Saturday, September 24, 2011


A fresh way to feed your family. Now that is a brilliant idea! Why would anyone pass up that opportunity? We don't have to exclusively rely on the industrial machines or corporate engines for food that is packed with pesticides and other chemicals. Farmers and producers now have a chance to make a profit, offer consumers lower prices and our bodies will have more nourishment. The program, called Farmigo, works by connecting consumers to locate farmers and producers and conveniently coordinating pick-up schedules, similar to a co-op and pre-paid shares. See the video below on how to arrange for local produce from farm to table.


Theodore Van said...

Great advocacy campaign material. Maybe it's possible that hydraulic oil suppliers can work hand in hand program planners for sustainable and environmental development.

Kathy Liggett said...

What's noticeable about this process is that the community is now starting to see the advantage of getting their money's worth without the capitalists or middle man. This is a good indication of community maturity and sustainability. When people continue to uptake what they buy directly from the suppliers, automatically, more and more would be interested in farming - a skill that was decreasing years ago.