Monday, May 30, 2011

Holy French Solar

Occupying 89 acres and generating power for 9,000 families, the two solar farms in Le Mees of north central France are getting mass attention this week, thanks for energy firm Efinity. We've heard enough about the solar industry....the ROI,payback takes too long....the wind turbine industry is more mature...blah, blah, blah. I've said on multiple occasions that solar is sexy (and lucrative). What is remarkable about solar farms is that not all of the installation involves concrete foundation and solar arrays. The concrete blocks typically block water absorbsion into the land creating more runoff with the need of strategically placed bioswales. Either way, this farm is both functional and gorgeous.
Source: Good, 2011


Muhammad said...

awesome ! if only developing countries started paying attention to renewable resources the world would become a better place !

By the way nice blog although i would prefer if you would add the "follow me " option !

Hoe said...

Actually the developed countries can set up solar farms in Africa. It will bring income to the people there, and make full use of the large tract of land in Africa.