Sunday, May 1, 2011

EV Road Tax

Senate Bill 5251 - haven't heard of it? Of course not since Washington is quietly trying to push this bill through that would add $100 to the annual ownership cost of an electric vehicle. They are proposing EV owners would pay this so called road tax when one renews the vehicle registration. Those in Washington that favor this bill claim that there is a loss of revenue when gas consumption decreases when more EVs hit the road. OMG! We need to reduce our dependency of foreign oil and secondly gasoline prices will continue to sky rocket only putting more profits in the pockets of corrupt leaders. At this stage of the game, it has taken about a 100 years to transition from gas to electric. Kudos to companies like Nissan, GM, Honda and Toyota for responding to the demand, whether high or low, to produce EVs in cities with supported infrastructure.

What happens next? Folks will continue to complain that the cost of an EV is still too high. However, the Federal Government already provides tax credits up to $7,500 with the purchase of an EV. Additionally, many states provide their own incentives such as state tax credits, purchase rebates, and free parking and charging for EVs. If SB 5251 is passed and signed into law, Washington would be the first state in the nation to impose a tax on EVs while others are providing incentives.

Time to stand up and get loud about this is now. If you would like to show your opposition to SB 5251, please contact your representative in the Washington legislature.

To find the names and contact information of your Washington State legislative districts, please visit:

Click here to download a template for a sample letter to send to your legislative representatives.

Click here to download GM’s letter of opposition,

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