Saturday, April 16, 2011

25 Most EV Ready Cities

Hot off the press (thanks to FastCompany) is a listing of cities that are best suited for electric car ownership. What is sad is that I live in Pittburgh, PA (a non-EV ready city) and my family lives in Los Angeles, Boston, Orlando and Denver - all of which are EV fantastic. So what would really need to happen? Answer - EV advisory councils. We are talking red vs. blue divide but in the form of gas vs. power divide. Cities together are presently forming EV advisory councils that consist of city and utility officials as well as manufacturers such as Ford that are changing the landscape of city infrastructure.
This massive initiative, while still somewhat under the radar, is putting cities like Detroit, Phoenix and Charlotte back on the map to brew jobs, infrastructure, and innovation. These so called hot-spots simply allow for more permits to be released for home charging stations, the ability for a city to work more openly with utility companies to set up cheaper rates during the night (when people will charge), and use an urban planning approach for public charging stations - meaning that they look at traffic flows and where people spend their parked time to determine charging locations.

Now all of this work will mean that the government needs to interfere in our lives a little more to make electric cars a feasible reality. However, from my perspective, I'm pleased if that occurs since we all know that gasoline is not getting any cheaper. And if you haven't driven a Mini E, Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf, or a Brammo Bike, then I suggest you step into the year 2011 and experience the rush of being behind an electric vehicle. I have...and you will enjoy it!

Source: Fast Company

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