Saturday, March 19, 2011

Reverse Graffiti

The urban land artist, Anna Garforth from the UK integrates her interest
in urban ecology and sustainability through her creative practice. Some of us know this art as "graffiti art" and it crosses many different mediums such as reusing materials, plants, moss, reverse graffiti, chalk, or the use of other natural resources. Various activities have driven her to discover and understand more about her natural surrounding and express this passion through the following projects.

Rethink is an installation set up in front of regents canal in London, England which is an electrical power site with two main resources: gas and water. This simple word communicates a need to rethink what our society consumes and how we collectively use our resources.

Head Gardener is a guerrilla gardening project. The approach involves turning milk bottles into characters with plant hair styles. Some of these guys took to the streets, while others couldn't handle getting their hair wet.

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