Monday, November 8, 2010

Leaf Letters

When is the last time you sent a card? I'm not referring to a card where you simply sign your name and seal the envelope. A real card with a real message that isn't printed with some cheezy gold lettering in old English style writing. For those close friends and relatives that truly know me, I prefer the "no card means no trash" approach and typically like to send e-cards or emails. Some of you lucky friends have seen my real handwriting.

If only we could adopt an ancient Japanese approach to communication, right? In Japan, people used leaves as a tool in which to exchange their messages. This form is known as hagaki - the Japanese postcard. A design concept known as leaf letter takes this idea of writing on leaves and brings it into modern times. With the spread of personal computers and mobile devices, we are beginning to seem further away from nature. Their design focuses on a question of wondering can sending a message on a leaf, reduce our distance between nature and one another,
by reviving the hand-written letter? To see additional printing concepts, click here.

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