Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Vampire Suck

Vampires love blood - always have and always will. It is like a jolt of electricity that gets them going. Even today, vampires still exist.

Certain electronics such as laptops, televisions, and especially cell phone chargers continue to draw power even when you are not using them. It is called the "vampire suck" and you can kill them at the source by using handy devices that have on/off switches.
Devices like the WattStopper and the Smart Strip Power Strip can be ordered online or used in tandem with special surge protectors. They perform the same task that basically save power by plugging your desktop, printer, and fax machine through a "smart" power strip. Smart strips can sense when electronics are idle and simple cut off the power flow to vampires. Give it a try and see the electric bills reduce over time.

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