Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rachel Carson Legacy Conference

The conference opens with views of a sustainable future, and a message from Senator Casey urging support for his legislation rescinding the Marcellus Shale exemption from the Safe Drinking Water Act.This conference examines the health, environmental and community effects we will experience from Marcellus Shale drilling and offers solutions from other places.

As we urge precautions to be taken to protect our air, water and fertile land from the effects of development, we also continue to focus on building the infrastructure, economic and social structure to move to a renewable and sustainable energy base soon. Dr. Karl-Henrik Robert of Sweden, founder of The Natural Step framework and principles will give the keynote address, followed by Mayor Ken Melamed of Whistler British Columbia whose community has implemented a sustainable policy. There will be several presenters discussing energy systems based on wind, solar, anaerobic digestion of municipal sewage or dairy manure to produce methane in a sustainable way while solving other water and land use issues. This is a provocative discussion with an eye toward moving forward now to a sustainable future.

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