Wednesday, August 18, 2010

80 Days Around the World on Renewable Energy

Is it possible to make a tour around the world in 80 days with emission-free vehicles? Five teams from four continents are taking up the challenge. The Zero Emissions Race event aims to generate popular enthusiasm for the use of renewable energy sources for vehicles and set the highest environmental standards for the future. An enthusiastic event focused on sustainability, mobility and transport. More interestingly, the requirement for each team is to produce their own electricity using renewable sources such as solar, wind, wave and or geothermal. This electricity must be then fed into the grid system in the home country of each team, so that during the race, the equivalent can be harnessed to power the vehicles along the worldwide journey.

As of August 16th, they hit the road! It's the Swiss team in the Zerotracer come in tight behind South Korea's Power Plaza EV. Followed by the Australians as they pass up the German's Vectrix motorcycle. Day after day...the blog entries are recorded and shared with laughter and excitement as the teams' journey starts in Geneva (Switerland), takes them across 16 countries with stops in approximately 150 major cities, and the event is planned to be completed in 80 days (excluding ocean crossings). To learn more about the race, click here.

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