Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer Flings with Frisbees

There is nothing better than integrating sports and sustainability. The values of working hard and playing hard go hand in hand especially for the summer. You know how it goes - summer flip flops, plastic beach balls, sun tan lotion - the works. Even better in my opinion are summer frisbee games (or ultimate frisbee for the hard core fans).

Interestingly, I recently came across frisbees that are made by Ethix Ventures. This is not your typical sweatshop-made, petro-based gift. These are the real thing, a true gift, that is printed with union labor in the
Bronx, NY. I'm pretty certain this non-toxic toy will be long lasting for any dog, family or game because the company considers the life cycle of their sports products along with labor standards, recycled content and biodegradable materials.

Another cool thing is that readers of the blog and friends of green sports have the chance to get your own frisbee by clicking here.
Solidiarity eXchange is the program organized at Ethix, trying to steer more purchasing dollars to buy things that promote labor and environmental justice. Click, tell a friend and play!

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