Monday, July 5, 2010

Hot in the City

Celebrating our nation's independence goes beyond fireworks and city parades. It is a time when kids make stale old popcorn and try to sell for a $1.00 after the parade. Then their cute smiles make you feel guilty and you purchase a sugary cup of lemonade for another $1.00. What ever happened to paying a quarter?

Well, we do live in America. Land of the free. Free markets. Free parking. Even free runs through water sprinklers that look like the Earth!

I couldn't help capturing the irony that I saw in this as the kid flagged us down, literally, with this red, white and blue marketing prop that lead us to his popcorn stand. While the ice caps are melting and the oil is spilling, it made me smile to see the Earth peeing fresh water from various continents. It surely was a hot one that day, and luckily I received a free sprinkler run around the globe.

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