Monday, May 17, 2010

Youngest Person Sails Around the World

The solo sailor, Jessica Watson, has finally returned home from her long journey. She sailed around the world, solo, unassisted, in her pink yacht named Ella's Pink Lady. It was a seven month voyage and she is youngest chic ever to complete such as diffucult challenge.

Equipped with her solar panel, GPS device, filtered water and many other gadgets, it was pure wind power and intelligence that helped her reach her destination. More importantly, many of the sponsors that share the values of adventure and responsible risk taking with a green focus have been credited.

"Having achieved something extraordinary, they can become excellent communicators, with passion and confidence, inspiring others to push beyond the boundaries in their chosen field. Often these adventurers develop into entreprenuers, community and business leaders, and become "Austrialian" characters that help define our culture, says Don McIntyre. - McIntyre Adventure.

So, what have you done today to inspire others or help your community?

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