Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kites Powered By Oceans

It's a kite...

No, a turbine...

It's a new deep ocean solution called Deep Green.

Some are calling it a modern high efficiency, low impact solution brought to our world by a Swedish company, Minesto (a spin-off of the Saab Group). The concept involves generating electricity from tidal currents. While not necessarily a new concept, the approach is being perfected with underwater kites.

Speed and energy are the key to tidal energy, and one of the new techniques to harness this "free" energy is with kites plus mini turbines made of low cost materials. The kites travel in short figure-eights which are attached to the seabed by a tether. The speed of the kite is what determines the flow velocity to the turbine. The faster it swims, the more electricity will be generated. All of the juice is then transmitted onshore through a power cable inside the tether. See the demo below and share your thoughts.

1 comment:

Lorres said...

Tidal energy; H2O being 800x more dense than air - I didn't know that. "Kites powered by the oceans" in producing (renewable) energy... brilliant!
Now if only they could adapt the kites to aid in cleaning oil spills... check it out BP!!!