Sunday, May 9, 2010

Indoor Vertical Gardening Pops Up

Everyone in the media has been talking about vertical farms and vegetable rooftops. These applications produce beautiful results and at times can be costly if you are not re-purposing materials. With Spring in season, why not opt for indoor gardening?

I'm not talking small pot, container gardening. I'm talking 2010, modern day, trendy art meets green thumbs. Just insert some 400 plants, such as hardy philodendrons, ivies and ferns, into holes cut in felt. Attach the felt matrix to your wall with a sponge or cheese cloth backing to allow the roots to grow. (Though, most philos will simply grow in a jar of water - if you want to get started.)
A trough along the floor in this example collects the water runoff, and a small utility pump with a filtration sponge sends the water back up the wall. The wall is basically turned into garden art. You can even plant and grow herbs, tomatoes and small flowers. As for maintenance, sure there are less bugs, but you will still have a need for pruning, watering and feeding.

Credit: Trevor Tondro for The New York Times

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