Tuesday, May 4, 2010

BP - You Don't Get My Dollar

BP needs to be boycotted and we, as the consumers, can do something about it. We need to hurt them with the only thing they care most about - profits! By now, the Deep Horizon rig could have been addressed yet "new technologies" are being applied to save the precious oil, the big asset, for later use.

So why boycott? Simply, to make an example. The government has done this before with various people and events to make an memorable impressions. Take Michael Vick, for example, who was federally prosecuted for unlawful interstate dog fighting. Through boycotting and making BP the new example, you will still have plenty of other choices. Exxon. Sunoco. Shell. Gulf. Texaco. Citgo.

Secondly, Alabama Attorney General Troy King said Sunday night that he told BP representatives to stop circulating agreements offering coastal Alabamians $5,000 if they give up the right to sue the company. A BP official said the offer was part of a "standard waiver" to fishermen that was "inappropriate" and was "swiftly discontinued." Can BP really sink that low? Obviously, BP has continued to put their profits before safety.

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