Saturday, April 10, 2010

Double ByPass

We want breasts, right?

Big, white, meaty breasts from chickens and turkeys. Well, you can get it at KFC! The franchise recently created the Double Down sandwich – all meat sandwich with cheese and 2 pieces of bacon. Unique, Relevant and Different! It is a modern day marketing winner.

Additionally, "winner-winner-chicken dinner" might call for some observation. Chickens are fat. Literally, they are becoming extremely obese in factory farms that they can’t walk or sit up straight. They are sleeping in their own feces, but if you'd like to eat an animal that mistakes its own poop for food, then by all means you can surely eat that "type" of protein if you'd like. For clarity, I still hear the arguments that a vegetarian diet is not necessarily the most efficient in terms of land use, and I also read about additional evidence that a vegetarian diet, or one at least that radically reduces meat consumption, can have massive climate change mitigation benefits.

But what is the benefit of eating this massive sandwich? If I were to eat a KFC Double Down sandwich, then I could certainly foresee Double Trouble or Double ByPass. I could imagine hearing my arteries clog up, feel my ass growing bigger, and maybe see some hair growing on my chest given those extra hormones and antibiotics in the meat. What kind of message does this send towards our obesity epidemic? Oh right…it’s cheap, fast and curiously cool to teenagers.

See the funny commercial here.

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