Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Water Hygiene

Remember the scene in Ghostbusters when Egon and his brilliant team activated the "magic black box" to capture Slimer and then soon after his other ghost buddies? Well, we need a super big box to capture four new dangerous chemicals in our water system. You can say they are bit like ghosts in that we can't see, feel, or taste them. Yet, when we whip out our tech-savvy devices, we can easily detect true crap that is lurking in our water supply giving us cancer, thyroid disease, hormone disruption and more.

This is a big deal, especially when the EPA announces more strict regulations to remove these nasties from our water. Some of them you might recall.

Killer #1: TCE (trichloroethylene) - our government boys used this to clean nuclear missiles and was frequently dumped at nuclear sites. You can say it gives the washer that extra added Simpson green glow. It seeps into the drinking water from contaminated groundwater and surface water.

Killer #2: Tetrachloroethylene - is the other evil step-sister of TCE. A liquid-based agent often used for dry cleaning of fabrics. This powerful liquid is a central nervous system depressant known to dissolve fats from the skin.

Killer #3: Acrylamide is a water-based thickener. It is used during the water treatment process, papermaking, ore processing or when manufacturing dyes.

Killer #4: Epichlorohydrin is the last impurity that is introduced to our drinking water through the water treatment process. It is colorless, smells like garlic and used to make plastics and epoxy glues. Yummy!

Of course, I don't want these four compounds in my water supply, and I'm sure there are more unknowns swimming around in my water that I commonly use during my daily shower or evening cooking and cleaning. However, I also don't have a team of Ghostbusters checking to see what can be captured in the "magic black box". If that is not the responsibility of the EPA, who am I gonna call?

Source: Huffington Post

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