Wednesday, March 17, 2010

No Tailpipe Pre-Orders

Competition is a beautiful thing. It boosts improvement, encourages efficiency and appears to be alive and well in the EV market. This means good news for Nissan and maybe bad news for Tesla Motors as pre-orders for the Nissan LEAF have just climbed slightly over 56,000. Not too shabby for a little EV with no tailpipe.

he Leaf ($25,000) gives its owner a 100-miles on a single charge with a top speed of 76mph. Even better it only takes 30-minutes for an 80% charge, which is much quicker than the Mini-E’s three hour plug charge.

gain, while competition is beautiful – one cannot get too cozy as rivals are on the heels of Nissan. Coda Automotive, headquartered in SoCal, is gearing up to release an electric beast with a 120-mile single charge, zero emission vehicle. Tesla Motors might have decent brand affinity, but it can’t hit the masses with production like Nissan.

And while production and technology go hand-in-hand, you can’t forget about the money factor of the equation. As these bad ass vehicles are unveiled at auto expos and more, you must consider the DOE’s $25 billion ATVM loans (Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan Program), which commenced in 2007. Nissan was fortunate to receive a $1.4 billion loan for the Leaf production, and Tesla received $465 million in loans. Exciting innovation is ahead of us. Be alert and watch the competition unfold.

Source: Fast Company, Earth2Tech

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