Monday, March 1, 2010

Holy Composter

Spring is around the corner, however if you did all the hard work of raking in the Fall time you just might save some coin and dirt needed for those yearly flower and vege gardens. Designed by a Japanese firm, Bakoko, who was inspired by the Japanese Tea Gardens, their Comploo is truly one heck of a sustainable super composter for the modern day urban farmer.

he key to the design is in the special decomposing compartments that line the walls. When food or garden waste is put inside, the heat generated by the microbial processes is circulated throughout the room. A glass ceiling acts like a greenhouse to capture heat from the sun as well. The concept is suited to large urban parks, community gardens, or even serving as an outdoor café - anywhere that generates a continuous supply of organic waste for fuel.

Yet one problem…swamp gas! Decomposing anything is just raw, ripe and oh so smelly. Once that minor glitch is redesigned (or otherwise harnessed), designers will release a new prototype in the future.

Source: Treehugger 2010

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