Monday, March 29, 2010

Ford Saves One Million Dollars

This weekend was Earth Hour where cities around the globe shut down the lights for one hour. But why can't we do this every night? Don't tell me it's a security feature because corporations are making big moves to improve security, save a buck and reduce carbon footprints by lots of metric tons.

Ford recently did and publicized its $1.2 million dollar savings.

Verizon did as well as Dell and AT&T.

What is their secret software? 1E's software solution. The internal shut-down program at Ford is called PC Power Management that centrally controls laptops and desktops to shut down in the evenings and on weekends. At the same time, the program ensures that computers connected to the Ford Intranet are able to receive software deliveries during off hours, decreasing downtime during working hours due to excess software loads.

Moving forward in 2010 just seems so easy. Consume Less. Conserve More.

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