Thursday, February 25, 2010

Techy Toilets

I figured since I’ve been blogging about boxes lately specifically, Bloom Box, Kyoto Box…why stop? The Roca Box (above) is an independent modular bathroom with a sexy, clean design. The basic model contains three interchangeable units. One unit houses the toilet, washbasin and water tank; another unit contains the shower, the seat, some shelves and a towel rack; a third unit contains additional shelves. Need more space? Add more units.

Then there is the average construction manhole, but come drinking hours and lunch time, the URILIFT (below) is a public urinal that is lifted hydraulically. There is also the teardrop shower that encompasses your whole body…maybe even your significant other? A 3-D touch screen controls the video, music, showers, jet intensities and temperatures. Wait until you can you hook up an XBOX, right?!
Source: Huffington Post, February 2010

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