Saturday, February 27, 2010

Solar Cruising

The goal is to navigate around the world at a speed of 8 knots, and not just in any old boat. A special boat...a big one...a 102 ft solar powered yacht that took 13 months to construct.

PlanetSolar wants to prove that we humans can change, that solutions exist out there, and it is not too late. With that mindset, their vision is to blend technology with renewable sources that make your jaw drop, your wallet glow and your friends' heads turn as they embark on new project challenges with using a minimum amount of energy.

Imagine in 2004, walking up to someone and saying, "I'm going to tour the whole world in a solar boat." It wasn't very fashionable where as today we have tons of eco-friendly gadgets. It took many years to gain sponsorships, investors, and talent. Now, 100 dedicated workers are helping Raphael Domjan, President and Skipper, to turn his dream into a reality. Stay tuned as the solar-powered beast launches in 2011.

Source: PlanetSolar, Huffington Post

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