Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Shining Rays

It would seem fitting that the new KIA Ray Plug-in Hybrid would have some sort of "solar-sun-hot" connection. The rooftop does have some sprinkled PV solar cells which adjusts the indoor AC quality, yet to me it is just another plug-in, excuse me....concept car from the Chicago Autoshow 2010. She is actually a sexy beast with a sustainable focus on maximizing aerodynamics. This notion of aerodynamic efficiency helps them make the promise towards their first EcoDynamics Korean Initiative. To read more about details about the Ray, click here.

Source: Autoblog 2010

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Lori S said...

Great name 'Ray' (as in KIA Ray) given to this plug-in hybrid concept car. Love the exterior look, design, curves. Not to crazy about the interior though. Initially read about it on designbloom and hope that it packs the sustainability punch it promises for future production.