Monday, February 15, 2010

The Meatrix

The ethics of large-scale agribusiness has become the center of heated discussions. Part of this rise is the mass awareness from documentaries like Food, Inc., King Corn, and The Meatrix and yet some of the core issues of animal cruelty STILL really aren't shared. The Meatrix has been one of the best social media followings on the topic of factory farming. A clever analogy to the classic sci-fi movie that highlights the key issues of mass pollution, over use of antibiotics, de-beaking of chickens, and more.

Based on my journal reading, discussions with local farmers, environmental researchers and family doctors, let me enlighten you a bit as you burn your coupons at your local super markets. If you are not aware of that male (beef cattle) are dehorned and castrated without any anesthesia, then listen up! Pigs have a far keener smell than dogs and so living in their own shit makes one to be quite aggressive and mean, thus resulting in major tail-biting a common animalistic behavior. Problem solved when farmers chop off pigs tails. Meat chickens (not egg laying) are electronically stunned before their throats are mechanically sliced and are hung upside down while left to bleed to death. This is what our family farms have turned into - big agricultural business with the corn and pharma industries right there behind them. Get the real inside look by educating yourself, go and visit a factory farm, talk to farmers about their economic realities, read as much as possible and learn to choose wisely with your food.

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Sustainable Monroeville said...

Great Cartoon. Watch Food Inc. to learn more!