Friday, February 26, 2010

Honda, Toyota, Hyundai...the Robots are Drunk.

Toyota recalls for sticky accelerator pedals.

Honda recalls for defective air bags.

Hyundai recalls for front door latches that won't close properly.

Are the robots drinking again? I mean geeeezzzzzz! What is up with the madness? We have automation and no oversight. We have check and double checks, yet simple things go wrong.

We live in the year 2010 and I expected to see flying cars by now. Instead, the latest release is the Honda CR-Z (Compact Renaissance Zero). A hybrid sports car that gets 58.8 mpg under Japanese conditions and 38 mpg (highway) under U.S. conditions. (I never knew we had two sets of driving conditions on a global standard level.) To me that is quite pitiful. Actually quite horrible that our MPG standards are lower compared to what a high school kid can create for his go-kart on french fry grease.

To top it off, there was a release of the top 10 cities that continue to bloat with on-going traffic congestion. Don't you know we are in a recession? Millions of folks are out of work and we continue to have driving issues. Wake up Mr. Manufacturer! The country is demanding EV's, Plug-ins, and Hybrids for the modern day man. Not a Mercedes, or Lexus, or Tesla, or BMW. A regular ole practical Honda that won't break the bank or our necks. Write that down and take it to your board members who look at shareholder value. The demand is there and profits will follow. Otherwise, we will see more lemons hitting our markets.

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Anonymous said...

Did you notice how it is the Japanese made hybrids that are being picked on? Of course there are problems and recalls have been nothing new among all car makers, but lately the Japanese cars have been slammed with bad publicity. Being a Toyota Prius owner - my third - I have nothing but praise for the car. There was a very minor brake issue (skips over the bumpy road for a second) for which they had a recall back in 2005. It was not a problem. That issue was resolved again for my 2010. The Japanese cars are still better quality. It's the media and the unions that are working this over to benefit themselves, and that is obvious.