Friday, February 12, 2010

Eco-friendly Snowboards

I'm back my fellow readers from a long break, and today is the opening ceremony for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games. So much has already started with the Russian hockey team and potential doping violation, big search engines are sporting their Olympic logos, and bets are already being doubled on who will take home the most medals. One of the sports I'll be keeping an eye on is snowboarding as I use to own a Burton, and now finding specific "green" toys that we can now enjoy that help the environment and help you get your game on.

For starters, can a snowboard be green?

Of course, snow boarding rocks (just like kiteboarding and rock climbing). Yet, first you often have to drive or fly to the mountains, which is CO2 overload. Two, you take a lift up that is supplied by electric power (probably coal based). Three, you might even board down artificially-made snow. Then you repeat (questionable).

Yet we as engineers and those that appreciate the outdoors have become open and receptive to new technology and standards. The new Burton, known as Eco Nico, has a Forest Stewardship Council-certified wood core, a lacquer-free top sheet, 90-percent recycled steel edges, 100-percent recycled sidewalls and a 50-percent recycled base. The Eco Nico is the greenest of the green, the most sustainable board that has ever made. And that my friends is a good start to future alley oop practices. Every little bit helps!

Source: Picture: Treehugger and Domingo Gomez

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