Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Zero Emission Research Station

The main Utsteinen, Antarctica research station has just turned up the heat in their new, Star-Trek futuristic pod. The Princess Elisabeth Station is the first zero emission scientific research station that has been designed to faciliate collaboration between the Belgian government and the International Polar Foundation. While a 16-man crew of scientists are busy measuring ice mass variations, climate change and taking pictures of penguins, the building is keeping its residents warm using primarily wind and solar technologies. With nine wind turbines (3 blade design), each generating 54 kwh of electricity, the self regulating rotors are ideal for shifting winds based on intensity and direction. Also, with two bioreactors and two heavy duty filtration units, 100% of the waste water is recycled and 75% is reused. Sounds like a place fit for a King, but indeed is the new age Princess Elisabeth Research Station.

Source: Ode Magazine and Belgian Antarctic Research Station, Jan. 2010

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ecostar said...

I could not even imagine having to do work in Antarctica. I would have a solar cell attached to my back powering a heated suit.