Saturday, January 16, 2010

Smart Thermostat

From time to time, I report on uber, techy devices that have a sustainable focus. Whether it is the triple bottom line, metrics, or biomimicry, more brands in the consumer electronics category are carving out a green niche, and a profitable one, too.

Next up is Silver PAC - an intelligent thermostat designed to manage energy usage in one's home through a sexy, interactive touchscreen. No fancy buttons, just a slick interface that is visual and graphical on a 7" display that illustrates patterns in energy usage. Equipped with WiFi, it can send real-time data straight to the utility plants (or perhaps your iPhone?). It is great for eliminating the need for monthly meter reads, even remote reads, given the advanced control system. While it might look a bit like "mission control", it is a new smart energy system that takes a closer look at the triple bottom line and brings innovation to your home.

Source: DesignBoom, January 2010

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