Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Running into Products

During my driving and research adventures, I often look for where the nearest Whole Foods is to me, I mean Whole Paycheck, or Nature's Bin and Trader Joe's. Often living in Ohio, there are limited options for good, wholesome grocery stores other than the classic Giant Eagle or Heinens, especially in the winter when farmer's markets are closed. Yet, what happens when you start to observe all the trendy sustainable canvas bags and mugs transition out of coffee shops, book stores, and gyms? They begin to hit you in the face or within isle dividers in your local grocery stores.

I literally ran into Aladdin's ($9.99) Recycled & Recyclable mugs with my shopping cart. These are colorful, earth friendly mugs, supposedly BPA-free, 100% recycled polyproplene, and dishwasher safe. Now, I'm a big advocate for bringing my own mug/container to my business meetings, while traveling, on-the-go, etc. But do I really need another one? Probably not thanks to Ecological Intelligence and consumerism. However, the idea is not enough products are made from recyclable content. We, as a market, continue to search for affordable, sustainable, practical products that fit in our special criteria boxes (fair trade, local, eco-friendly, Union, Made in the USA).And while I value those system beliefs, whatever, happened to basic functional design. Does it fit into my MINI-E cup holder? my solar powered tote? my LG dishwasher? And while all the answers might indefinitely be, "yes, of course", think next about what you put into these containers. Again, kudos to limited to no packaging!

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