Friday, January 29, 2010

Go Organic As Possible (OAP)

Almost two years now that I’ve been a vegetarian. I had a few slips over the family holidays as to not offend the chef. Yet, through my journey I found a new love with my summer CSA program, found that Sashi Sushi is best in the U.S., and never knew how awesome local goat cheese could be on my lips. To be clear, most vegetarians eat fish, honey, eggs, cheese and butter. It’s the Vegans who don’t eat anything that has been produced by an animal. Hence, the mention of honey as some believe that bees are being exploited.

Simply put...I'm against factory farming.

I want to eat meat that is grass-feed meat
and from free roaming animals, organic, not those that have been genetically modified, forced fed antibiotics or grown in a vat. I have managed to stay away from all milk and butter. As an alternative, I’m now addicted to my morning cereal with soymilk and use olive oil for all my cooking.

The truth is I can’t find any decent meat that is grass-feed or reasonably priced. Granted, I don’t waste my money on junk food, cookies, or alcohol and can afford shopping in the organic aisle. But what about those on food stamps who can barely get by today? Two or three dollars goes a long way at McDonald’s yet we are paying for it on the back end with rising obesity cases, diabetes, high blood pressure and other healthcare costs. I haven’t even begun to comment on pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, and other yummy preservatives in our food system. I’ll save that for another post. Yet, when you have the opportunity to choose your food, I hope you choose wisely. My vote is to stop factory farming at your MOUTH and go OAP – organic as possible.

Image Source:
Frederique Morrel Needlework

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