Thursday, January 14, 2010

2010 Leagues Under the Sea

While many of us are trying to clean up our oceans, recycle or remove floating plastic in the North Pacific Gyre, others are designing sustainable structures that will clean waterways through sustainable practices.

Meet Physalia!

She is a prototype of an amphibious garden designed by Vincent Callebut Architectures. This floating beast of biomimicry aimed at going after the source and cleaning the nasties in our waterways. Her roof top has PV solar cells and a double pneumatic membrane. Under the belly are hydro-turbines for generating electricity and the surface is made from aluminum. There is also a silver-plated dressing covered by a TiO2 layer of anatase shapes that reacts to UV rays and reduces water pollution. To top it off, there are 4 garden themes of fire, air, water and earth, where the rooftop network filters the water and purifies it biologically. To read more details about the 2010 European program, click here.

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