Thursday, December 3, 2009

No Tailpipe

There has been an overwhelming amount of interest, enthusiasm and courtship happening as the Nissan LEAF tour continues on the West Coast. It’s a beautiful thing to not have a tail pipeline, or pay for gas, or excrete C02 into the air like its counterparts. About 70 percent of the people in North America who have contacted Nissan about LEAF reside in markets where the all-electric, zero-emission car will be brought to market.

Well, I live in OHIO. Make note of that! Not CA, NY, OR or NJ (where the MINI-E is being piloted). I desperately want a LEAF and would be willing to have a big, phat Nissan logo on it. I’m enthusiastic! I’m ready to opt in! Call or email me! I’ll be one of your 20,000 reservations that the company is targeting.Meanwhile, we wait. Why? Production is geared for the Spring of 2012, where Nissan will be manufacture LEAF and its juicy core, the lithium-ion battery pack, for the U.S. market at the company's plant in Smyrna, Tenn. Go LEAF! Go Sustaino!


paul scott said...

As one who has driven the Leaf mule, I guarantee you'll like this car. It's quick as hell and quiet as a mouse. I like the styling, too.

The charge ports allow for slow to fast charging. Of course, you'll need to have the fast chargers installed in your area to make use of them. All the rest of your charging can be done at home, or at the many convenience chargers placed throughout your community.

I hope you are the first in your community to get one. You deserve it!

GoSustaino said...

@ Paul: Thanks for the kind words! Our community definitely could use a fleet or two here in Cleveland. The Green City on the Blue Lake with zero-emission cars.