Monday, December 14, 2009

Hopenhagen Continues

The biggest Climate Change Conference, COP15, is still underway as Copenhagen hosts the 15th UN Climate Change conference. The Bella Center in Copenhagen, Denmark will host 192 countries as they work to come to agreement. The end of 2009 marks an important time to achieve this "last chance" agreement centered around cutting carbon emissions, setting technology action programs, and an overall framework for climate change mitigation. The goal for this agreement is to be approved and ratified in time before the expiration of the Kyoto Protocol in 2012.

We are at a defining moment. This is a critical path for our nations as they decide to take us closer to green prosperity and a sustainable future. Meanwhile, activists are detained, countries such as the U.S. have had no intention to ratify, and other countries such as Chad and Morocco simply are undecided. At this time, we need to unite forces to stablize greenhouse gas production and been to mitigate the pollution problems that not only have current consequences for our eco-systems, but also for future generations to come. Have Hope. Support Hopenhagen.

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Anonymous said...

The mayor of Cleveland, Ohio recently organized a sustainability summit to engage over 700 community stakeholders and design a plan for "Sustainable Cleveland 2019. Below is the link with the summit's findings. I think it is a great resource that many cities/citizens could benefit from: