Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tesla + Downey

Elon Musk will be building the greenest and most efficient car manufacturing plant in North America at the Downey Studios in California (former site of a NASA plant). The vote was unanimous by city council that will allow Tesla Motors to bring 5,600 new jobs. The newly conceived Model S (Sedan, $57,000 300-mile charge) will be built in the Downey factory that seems to have a cutting edge reputation already. This location is the same place where the Apollo moon capsules and service modules were manufactured and later major segments of the space shuttle. The current movie studio area occupies roughly 5100 acres that Tesla will need, and the city pitched in nearly $2 million for roof repairs and gave rent on 20 acres that it owns. If Tesla completes the deal, it would be SoCal's first auto manufacturing plant since Chevy left Van Nuys in 1992. Go Tesla! Go Sustaino!

Source: KABC-TV Los Angeles, CA

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