Saturday, November 27, 2010

In Lieu of Turkey

I thought it would be appropriate to re-iterate how corporate transparency doesn't start or stop just with food prices. It is more about the "system" and how our food is properly grown, processed, labeled, shipped and marketed. Actually, it is more about how the system is broken, and consumers (like you and I) that care, will find out the truth and not wait for Thanksgiving, holiday demands.

Let's start with chickens and corn. For a juicy, inside look into the hazardous, toxic environments, I recommend watching Food, Inc. It is a documentary that showcases the unflattering events that have led to America's corporate controlled food industry. We want breasts, right? Big, white, meaty breasts from chickens and turkeys. The last time, I checked a chicken should not be so fat it can't walk, should not be sleeping or walking in its own feces and definitely should not be treated like a "bug in a jar". But if you'd like to eat an animal that mistakes its own poop for food, then by all means you can surely eat that "type" of protein if you'd like.

And actually, I enjoy meat! Beef burgers, chicken tortillas, fish tacos, etc. However, the critical factor is that my life should not be a gamble when I eat food that is processed by unregulated laws. Why can't I determine if my chicken is from Ohio or from China or Brazil? Why can't I read on a simple label like my cereal that my turkey or beef was fed and raised naturally knowing that I won't get E.Coli or die from virulent strain of O157:H7. In our nation, this contamination has led to the recall of beef in 3,000 grocers in 41 states due to numerous deaths of our simple staple. Of course, in lieu of turkey or meat, there are many tasty vegetarian options. However, may I remind you we had this with spinach, tomatoes, jalapenos, and what is next? What can I eat safely?

Do your part to be educated, informed, buy local, choose local and push for reform that puts the power of eating safe food back in the hands of consumers, and not at the table of greedy corporate board members and executives. From barn to bowl, or pasture to plate, we have a choice to eat healthy, reduce our obesity epidemic, get off the sugar-fat cycle and eat wholesome meat and potatoes just like before with a smile on our face.

Source: NY Times, E.Coli news
Image: Trendwatching, 2009

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