Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Heating Up

The Spanish firm, Acciona Energy, is scaling up for major renewable projects in the U.S. Why and how? The biggest trend is incentives from our federal government. Sadly, our U.S. private companies could not get their act together as fast as the Saudi's and Europeans. This year alone Acciona opened the largest solar thermal plant in 16 years. Starting in Boulder City, NV, with a 64MW plant ($266million) and now planning a project 3 times bigger, in the desert, roughly 200MW strength. Of course, the location is still to be determined and surely sources are investigating feverishly. Today Acciona Energy owns both solar thermal and solar PV farms, and the power that is proposed to be generated by the solar thermal is estimated at $0.15 per kilowatt hour, or roughly half the cost power from panels.

Source: Treehugger News and Politics, Nov. 2009

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