Friday, November 13, 2009


Nissan is taking the LEAF, fully electric vehicle (EV) on the road today as they tour Los Angeles for four days. It is part of the Zero Emission Tour covering 11 states, 22 cities between now and February 14th. The goal is to build up awareness and commitment to being the first-mass-produced EV.

That's right - it's almost within our reach! (Hurray up MINI-E). With roughly a 100-mile range, top speed of 87mph, the battery can be charged in 30-minutes to reach 80% capacity. Not bad in comparison to the MINI-E, with about a 150-mile range, top speed of 92mph, and taking about 3 hours for a full charge. As the tour extends, the momentum builds, 2,500 network stations are under construction in Oregon, San Diego, Tennessee, and Phoenix. To read tour updates and schedules, visit the microsite here.

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