Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sexy Solar

I love the solar industry. It's mature, predictable, has a reliable energy source (compared to wind) and is even sexy. Yes, I said it - sexy!

Forget the bulk, heavy panels when one can opt for slim, sexy, photovoltaic that can be applied to rooftops, posts, shingles and more. One company that can do this is SRS Energy of Philadelphia that designs the curved solar roofing application. Basically, the silicon cells are bonded to special tiles, often made of the same materials as car bumpers.

A solar tile-based system that meets half the power needs for a typical CA home would cost roughly $20,000 to install after rebates. In the example above in the Bermuda Dumes, CA home, a four-hour job. See more details here.

Source: NY Times, 2009

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