Friday, October 23, 2009

Scrubbing Pellets

My grandma use to scrub my dirty, muddy, soccer socks until they were pearly white. She would use toxic bleach, lots of elbow grease and tons of soap. Well, what if Grandma didn't have to work so hard and could clean with limited soap and water? I would go for it!

Xero's prototype machine is a look into how modern day laundry geeks will be washing bras, underwear, jeans and shirts. This machine uses nylon pellets, just like in our carpet, which has good properties that make it "easy to stain" as well serves as an excellent scrubbing mechanism. It works by polarizing the molecules that attract soil and in the humidity created by little water. Of course, we are not talking zero water, just 90 percent less water that eliminates energy intensive spins and dryer blasts. For each 45 pound load, the prototype uses 8 gallons of water compared to 80 gallons. I'd said this puts a whole new meaning on blasting dirt in a Sustaino-way.

Source: Popular Science, 2009

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