Saturday, July 24, 2010

Reduce and Get Paid

We all become forgetful. Even with our technology gadgets, sexy electronics, and automatic reminders, we still forget to set it, click it, share it and understand it. However, what if we had reminders with an incentive - a cash, money incentive - that had your interest at heart as well our lovely planet. Why not?

Earth Aid does exactly that! It is online program that educates, rewards, monitors and reminds consumers of new trends in energy efficiency. Members will be asked to connect to the local power company, water and gas company. Once a member, Earth Aid will monitor each member’s energy consumption. The goal is that with energy efficiency tips, members will conserve resources as well as save money. As a reward, local businesses offer the discounts for their services to the degree of energy saved by the member.

Image Source: Ode Magazine, 2009

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