Friday, October 30, 2009

Holy Pumpkin!

Look out Monsanto! We have a classic farmer that is taking on the World Record for the "heavy weight" pumpkin of the year. Steve Connolly, a New Englander, is a creator/grower of massive pumpkins, and the secret is in the seeds. His vegetative art has respectfully been called, "The Beast of the East". This year weighing in at 1,689 pounds. Last year, a tiny crack at the bottom on his glorious pumpkin cost him the prize (that one weighed 1,568 pounds).

He continues to keep the competitive spirit alive by morphing and transforming the old time 400 pound classics into a full time passionate hobby (ok, maybe an obsession) that is modifying seeds. So what happens in the end of it all? The winner takes home $10,000 and the gourd is artistically transformed into a jack-o-lantern, compost, and even boats for the neighborhood kids.

Source: National Geographic, 2009
Image: Boston News

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