Friday, October 9, 2009

Organic Lawns

Lawn expert Paul Tukey, from Safe Lawns and author of The Organic Lawn Care Manual, was interviewed on NPR – Science Friday. He explained how to have less weeds and more lush.

For starters, get a soil test. Make sure you know your current PH and Nitrogen mix which is important. Most often folks need more calcium – often found in gypsum and limestone. More importantly,
weeds are the messenger. Instead of using chemicals to kill the messenger, you need to treat the soil and improve the conditions. The weeds are not the problem. More interestingly, Ohio State University did a study that those extra clippings provide 50% extra nutrients. They heavy grass clippings should be removed, which prevent sunlight and water getting to the roots. However, mow higher to keep the weeds down.

The soil needs to be alive. It needs to drink, eat and excrete. Be a good student and make sure you do your homework when choosing the best seeds that allow you to use less water, less fertilizers, less weeds and such much more. When it comes to fertilizing, choose organic. It will take time – why? Organic is food for the soil; not the grass. Organic products take much longer to work, but are more sustainable. The chemical fertilizers such leach out, often run out in the water or rain showers and don’t absorb into the soil; it only treat the surface.

Source: NPR Science Friday

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