Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Need Extra Pumpkins?

A friend and I were discussing the benefits of eating locally grown food. You know the usual perks of less toxins, supporting farmers and the community, no plastic bags, improved labeling and not having to pay an arm and a leg at the big retailers. And we started to share stories about food, especially extra food including co-op programs, and CSAs...wondering where does all the extra food go? Even non-profits have policies that do not allow them to accept food from farmers due to liability. Interesting, eh? I mean people are hungry nowadays especially between the downtown streets of Cleveland to the rural farms in Amish country. As this Halloween season kicks off, I challenge you to determine to find out what does WalMart, Giant Eagle, Whole Foods, Marcs, etc. do with their extra pumpkins? Once November 1st hits, isn't demand suddenly in the trenches for pumpkins? I don't see anyone lining up to add extra food to their compost bins. What do you think? Where does it all go? Does it impact even the Arctic polar bears?

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