Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Food Where We Live

The locavores gathered this past Sunday at the Bela Dubby cafe in Lakewood for the film screening of PolyCultures. This documentary, produced by Less Productions, was highlighted at the Cleveland International Film Festival and takes an in-depth look into the diverse communities around Northeast Ohio who are grouping together to grow a more sustainable, local food system. So, what is polycultures? It is one principle of permacultures, using multiple crops in different techniques. These techniques include crop rotation, intercropping, companion planting and beneficial weeds. It is a system designed to incorporate human labor for the growth of nutritious, wholesome food that educates communities about how we can get off the sugar/fat hamster wheel, decrease our obesity epidemic and reduce our dependency on foreign oil.

With such a community-based model, local citizens within Lakewood, Cleveland, Tremont and Cleveland Heights are approaching their city council teams to revitalize their cities. How? We are seeing vacant lots transform into community gardens, old building rooftops are platforms to produce local veges for urban communities and ultimately jolt the notion the urban agriculture (aka urban ag.) One big advocate for such a local model, is Tom Bullock (Lakewood Councilman-Ward 2). He is currently running for State Representative Ohio District-13 with the intent to bring new progressive leadership to Northeast Ohio. In these trying economic times, his recommended solutions are three simple approaches. 1) Green jobs - transforming our rust belt into a green belt, 2) Reform - helping us to have leaner, cleaner and smarter government, and 3) Service - answering President Obama's call to make an ongoing commitment to serve our communities.

The natural tie to local politics, community service and urban ag is the new trend of eco-nomics. It is advocates like Tom Bullock and the PolyCulture team that are assisting our local economy not only with jobs, money and stability, but also with spirit, pride and a sense of gratification. Join us in being a frugal hero and help to make a difference for our communities. For more information, see the PolyCultures trailer:

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