Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Design Boom Green Life Awards

The Incheon International Design Awards (2009) had a call for entries on "green life". There were 3,709 designers from 96 countries that focused on this year's philosophy of "harmony with humanity and nature." Sounds simple, right? Well, there were 3 focused categories of:

1) Green design for humans (products and household items)

2) Green design for cities (infrastructure, building layout, etc.)

3) Green design for communication (entertainment, movie clips, and promotional items)

[Drum roll....]

And the winners are:

1st prize
dds.jpg rss.jpg
' thermodynamic cooler and murakami chair' design by : rochus jacob from usa

2nd prize
' the tree ring web ' design by : zhang jian + ma lian lian from china


' save water brick ' design by : jin-young yoon + jeongwoong kwon from korea

3rd prize
' green life style ' design by : chun sic park from korea

' local plate ' design by : david veldkamp from usa

' balloon ' design by : bart baccarne from belgium

Source: Designboom 2009

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