Thursday, October 15, 2009

Compact Urban Bike

Urban bikers and college professors are salivating as the trend in innovation shifts from bigger and better to smaller and more functional. The latest news from Treehugger highlights the "most compact urban bike" from designer, Victor Aleman. This beast has folding wheels with six modules, and an endless amount of room when it comes to packing light.

Critics are quick to point out that pedals are necessary instead of foot-bars, or the triangle frame may not properly support the weight of the biker. Whatever happened to not having the "status quo" and serving up something new that is still functional? How about setting aside your critiques and witness a zero-waste initiative unfold with appealing design! For starters, a brilliant individual was able to engineer something incredible out the of box, in which a corporation with tons of CAD software, intelligent engineers and superb marketers cannot even produce. With design blending more sex appeal with functional performance, the communities begin to be re-excited about reducing their carbon footprints and tackling our climate challenges in a whole, new, fun way.

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