Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Reap What You Sow

Today is one of those big days when you will see CEOs, scientists and policy makers all in the same room. Why? It's the World Seed Conference in Rome, Italy. Where political bullshit grows just as fast as the seedlings. Yet this year, something has changed.

With folks being more frugal and economically conscious, it is no surprise that the seed retailers are sharing that sales are up 75 percent over last year. Not bad considering that a bunch of research and development is going into seed productivity, which is based on purity and disease resistance. Sounds like seeds on steroids with super powers. In fact, a simple $50 investment in seeds and decent fertilizers (let's choose organic) can yield rougly $1,200 in fresh veges. From my point of view, a worthy investment to have homegrown, delicious tomatoes that always taste better and sweeter than the store-bought kind.

Source: Fast Company, 2009

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